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Homeland D&D Campaign

Howdy all,

It's been waaaaaay too long since my last post here. Most of my online time has been spent on other pursuits. One of these has been setting up the blog (http://dndhomeland.blogspot.com/) for my new D&D Camapaign, "Homeland". The blog is all player knowledge and is a useful resource for players wishing to familiarize themselves with this brand new setting. Collapse )
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Anime setting

So, while posting in another group the subject of BESM ("Big Eyes Small Mouth" for those of you not familiar)came up and it reminded me of one of those rare moments of gaming brainstorming that resulted in somethign that would have amounted to a fairly fun game setting IMHO.

So, in BESM they have a wonderful aid for those who may not be as well-versed in the conventions of anime. In the back of the book there is a long list of the most common conventions found in anime. Such things as, cat girls, pretty boys, androgeny, "The Big One" earthquake that devestates Tokyo, motorcycles, mecha, demons, corporate conspiracies, etc, all make up this list.

A friend of mine who owned a copy of the game showed me this list over lunch one day and we began to, in jest, piece together as many of these conventions as we could. The result was good laugh and the eventual realisation that we had actually created something that would be rather fun to play in.

The setting went somethign a bit like this.

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Memorial Day Salute From a Wargamer

It is easy to trivialize Memorial Day. With it's sales, its mad rush vacations, BBQ and if you're a gamer like me, the attempt to sneak another game in, the true meaning of the day can be lost. As a wargamer, I try to remember that my hobby is predicated not just on the heroism of those who have fought for me and for the freedom of others throughout time but also the sacrifices they have made for me other like me. Really what it comes down to is that while I may push plastic and metal soldiers to their inevitable doom, somebody has done this for real and continues to do it.

To those who have died so that I may live and to preserve the soceity I claim as my own and to those that came before to get us here, I offer my humble appreciation.
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Star Wars - A Child's Tale "Character Introductions"

So, I am finally working on a project I've been sketchign around for some time. A Star Wars campaign taking place before the events of Episode 1-3. I call it a Child's Tale as a sort of double meaning. The campaign is framed as a story or stories told by Yoda, to the Youngling Jedi of the temple. But, the story is also about four Jedi children, raised apart and come together by fate to try and save their homeworld from the Sith. Below are the four Character Introdusctions i'll be reading at the start of play.
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